aspen_valentinesday_01Valentine’s day 14 feb, 2014….Hmmm I think it’s a debatable topic for most florists. Do we set in to the tradition of the same old, same old red roses? Or do we completely boot the masses and decide that this year we are doing it our way…. However in our opinion the novelty of the red rose will never cease amaze the beholder. Each year at Aspen Flowers and Co we try and mesh the old with new. We cater for the conventional vs the unconventional. If we reminisce over to last year on the 14th of Feb and many Valentines before that, it is always a pitter patter of last minute orders, the shop bursting with shades of candy floss pink, magenta and cranberry red and of course our mastered floral theory on tackling V DAY!  With the big day in short sight, its time to play around with ideas, to take what works and refresh it, to be inventive and to to put our take on it…

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