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Flowers for Office
On-time flower delivery corporate spaces

Nothing livens up a room like beautiful, freshly cut flowers. In an office environment, this can help lighten the mood and keep employees happy and motivated! Aspen Flowers & Co specialises in the creation of one-of-a-kind flower arrangements in assorted styles and colours and our flowers for office are ideal for brightening up your space. If you are looking for a reliable company for a weekly corporate flower delivery in Cape Town and surrounds, look no further!

With an already prestigious portfolio of unique clientele, we endeavour to exceed all your floral expectations. With years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of corporate requirements and brand awareness, and we tailor our flower arrangements to match your corporate identity’s unique style.

We pay specific attention to adding texture and shapes to enhance interest. Our corporate floral selection is designed specifically to meet the style and budget requirements of each client. We also keep in mind that the flower arrangements we deliver need to be long lasting and we therefore only make use of the freshest, quality flowers.

Our corporate flower arrangements are subject to availability and seasonal changes. Therefore, the arrangements we deliver to your office could change with the seasons. This would impact the colour of your arrangements, as well as the vessels that are used to display your blooms.


If required, our team also offers to drop-by your offices mid-week to ensure that your flowers are still in pristine condition.

Why have flowers in your office


Happier employees

Of course, happy employees mean that a more pleasant office environment is sure to follow.


Better communication

Studies have found that an environment with flowers encourages constructive discussions, which is ideal in any work environment.


Reduced stress

When surrounded by beautiful flowers, people automatically feel less stressed and more relaxed. So, by having flowers delivered to your office, you can reduce stress in your work environment which can lead to improved productivity. 


Interested in weekly flowers for office? Talk to our team about our corporate flower delivery options in Cape Town and surrounds.