Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements:
One-of-a-kind creations for every occasion!

Flower arrangements have long been part of the décor used for special events such as weddings, milestone birthday parties, kitchen teas, baby showers, anniversary parties, work celebrations, and more. Choosing the perfect flower arrangements for your event, however, can be tricky and requires quite a bit of planning as you need to ensure that it fits in with your theme and brings all other décor elements into line. Flowers have the ability to affect people’s mood, which is why you need to pay attention to the type and colour you choose to create the desired ambience.

The team at Aspen Flowers & Co has years of first-hand experience in creating beautiful flower arrangements for all kinds of events. Whether it’s your wedding day or your turn to arrange the yearend function, we can assist! To ensure that we deliver floral designs according to specifications, we spend a considerable amount of time with each of our clients to ensure that we understand their exact needs. Once we understand the brief, we get to work on making your design ideas a reality.

The type of flowers you use for your event will depend on the occasion – and of course the season and availability of the flower type. Some questions you need to ask yourself when planning your event’s flower arrangements, include: “What kind of atmosphere do I want to create,” “What emotions should people feel when entering the venue,” “What colours will ensure a lasting impact,” “What type of flowers will convey our company’s brand message,” etc.

The quality and freshness of your flowers is undeniably important. At events, people notice attention to detail and you therefore need to ensure that your floral arrangements are put together with the freshest of flowers. The Aspen Flowers & Co team takes great pride in the products we deliver to our clients and we therefore guarantee that we only make use of the freshest, best quality flowers for our floral designs.

Shop for your flower arrangements online

We have a wide range of products, including exceptional flower arrangements, available for sale in our online store. Here, you can conveniently browse through our flower and plant options from the comfort of your own home. Once your order is placed, your purchase will be delivered to the designated address as soon as possible.

Corporate clients can also make use of our corporate delivery service which includes a weekly flower arrangement delivered to your office, as well as a mid-week maintenance check to ensure that your flowers are presenting perfectly.

If you cannot find an arrangement to your liking, you are welcome to contact us to put together a unique arrangement, or you can drop in at our store in Woodstock, Cape Town, to discuss your preferences.

Flower arrangements

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