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Flower Bouquets
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Whether you want to impress someone, convey apologies, or celebrate an anniversary or milestone, flowers are always a special gift! Aspen Flowers & Co is a boutique flower shop in Woodstock, Cape Town, specialising in beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements for special events and everyday gifting purposes. If you would like to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift, be sure to drop in at our store or simply order online.

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Our bouquets aren’t just for gifting – they’re an expression of emotion. Whether planning a wedding, celebrating a birthday, or hosting a corporate event, our team collaborates closely with you to create the perfect floral ambience.


Our exquisite collection of flower bouquets, arrangements, and accessories is all available at your fingertips in our online shop. We offer a reliable delivery service that operates from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, ensuring your beautiful blooms reach you or your loved ones in pristine condition throughout the Western Cape.

For any queries regarding our offerings or delivery services, our dedicated team is just a call away, eager to assist you in your floral journey.

The Meaning Behind the Blooms

Our team of florists have years of experience and this, combined with our passion for the trade, enables us to provide our clientele with beautiful, one-of-a-kind bouquets suited for any occasion. If you are not sure about the type of flower you would like to use in your bouquet, or you are unaware of the exact meaning connected to certain flowers, you can rest assured that our team will help you put together the perfect – most meaningful – bunch.


Roses are almost always associated with love and romance – especially red roses. When thinking about gifting someone special with a bunch of roses, keep in mind that every colour symbolises something different. White roses, for example, convey innocence, yellow means friendship and orange signifies desire.


Orchids, with their exotic allure and stunning beauty, have symbolised love, beauty, and luxury since the Victorian age. These vibrant blooms were cherished not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for what they signified. These flowers are often given as gifts to express deep romantic feelings, as an orchid’s long-lasting bloom mirrors enduring love.


Freesias are popular to use in flower bouquets due to their vibrant colour and powerful scent. Traditionally, freesias should be given in celebration of an anniversary, but as they symbolise innocence and friendship, these colourful flowers also make great gifts for close friends and family members.


With its luscious, full blooms, peonies are another popular flower associated with romance. Peonies are an omen of good fortune and happy marriage and are often used in bridal bouquets. These blooms also make the perfect gift to congratulate couples on their engagement.


Stocks are available in various rich colours, from pink and lilac to magenta and cream, and can be used to brighten any flower bouquet. The stock flower is traditionally given as a sign of affection and wishes the recipient a happy, prosperous life.

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