“Flowers grow out of dark moments”. Corita Kent


Who would have thought in 2020 we would be “hibernating” in our homes, gathering supplies, boarders closed and the world would be in lock down.!

The hospitality and events companies have been hit hard – flower farmers ,our suppliers and the many talented florists.

I encourage everyone to continue buying flowers! During this difficult time, do not forget those who will still be celebrating births, Birthdays, momentous occasions, feelings of love and support of grievances and hardships.

For as long as we can, Aspen Flowers & Co is still open for business!


Same day deliveries to be placed by 10am.

Online orders, for next day delivery, to be placed by 5pm.

Special COVID-19 operating hours:

Mondays – 7am – 11am

Tuesday – Friday 8am – 11pm

Safe and Sanitised delivery! Papy, our amazing driver, will execute the following safety precautions:

  • Will not use public transport, he will self
    drive to our Studio in Woodstock.
  • Before a delivery, he will sanitise his hands, sanitise the truck door handle and steering wheel. Before delivery takes place, he will wear a pair of clean, surgical gloves, therefor avoiding any contact with the recipient of the delivery.
  • There will be no signing for deliveries made, the driver will keep a record of whom received the flowers, should it be someone other than the recipient.

Safe and Sanitised studio!

  • Our beautiful studio, has all the necessary hand sanitisers, each florist has their own soap, therefor no sharing, clean surgical gloves, will be worn when working with flower or hamper orders. We have reduced the amount of studio staff to one florist, a receptionist to receive online or telephonic orders and our driver.
  • Everyones well being and health is being monitored on a daily basis and all staff will receive immune boasters.
  • Willem and I will use this time to brain storm, design and research various new trends, concepts and work on enquiries. This includes our exciting new space, Aspen & Co creative studio which will include various floral courses.
We are all in this together, Work as a team, win as a team. We continue to offer a top quality service and strive to place smiles on people’s faces in times of need, celebration, hardships and love! Stay safe, calm, use this time of reflection wisely, we will survive, we will conquer and we will regroup, rebuild and repair!

Much love

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