Stefan and Albie Wed!

aspen_stefan_albie_01This was by far our show stopper towards the end of last year’s wedding and event season. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end off our floral journey for the year.  The epitome of the ultimate floral project – from a super talented coordinator – Elizabeth from BonTon, to supported lighting and furniture from Johan at In and Out Events to absolutely incredible clients. Stefan and Albie’s abode served as ideal intimate setting for their wedding. Their home was already beautifully capsulated with a unique design aesthetic. Our floral expertise allowed us to further extend the character of their home. Don’t get us the wrong… The brief was quite specific, yet within the strict black outlines there was also a lot, and we mean a lot of room to play around… OTT was the name of the game. So the build up began, first enter the disco balls, then blooms began to rekindle our tired souls – masses of greenery (from petite apple branches to magnolia), kangaroo paw, hydrangeas, wall street roses, glads, stargazer lilies, aliums, artichokes,  tulips, not to mention the seasonal fruit and plenty of candlelight.And then the day arrived, although the wall installation of a series of floral displays would be the bloom feature of the day, guests were enticed in every corner of this home. With each space echoing a different atmosphere; from an suspended arrangement in the shower to cascading display in the bath. This is surely one intimate wedding that we will continue to look back on.

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